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In all my research the biggest wall I seem to have encountered is the new technology. Its speed and progress leave us behind if you do not conform. So now I join youth and progress in cyberspace. Every morning I go to my CYBRARY where I have my E-books , E-mail, E-friends and asked other CYBRARIANS for my info -- Its quite a new challenge. Look at it as time saving and money saved when you can ask someone in Australia- American west coast - or east coast -England -anywhere in the world in a few key strokes! Wow! WE HAVE TO CONFORM NOW!!!!

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Love your comment.  As a retired public librarian, who now LIVES in cyberspace, I sure do agree.

Paul J. Lareau
135 East Viking Dr. #301
Little Canada, MN 55117 USA

I'm in sympathy with Richard's cybrary sentiments. And like Paul, I'm a retired librarian. My work was in law and legal research and the use of electronic resources was a necessary part of each work day. Now in retirement, I can be a little more discriminating in my cybrary use. For genealogy purposes, however, the computer and all these genealogy resources are indispensable. Richard's right in that we have to adapt to these new tools. But I enjoy reading print books, newspapers, and magazines. And I appreciate more the easy use of pencil and pen and paper. Adapt for use, yes; conformity as a cybrarian, no.

Thinking about it, my first introduction to computers was an experimental elective course in "Introduction to Computers and Programming" that was offered for the first time when it was taught in the Library Management Masters program at Louisiana State University.   That was in 1969.



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