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Years ago, the Family Bible was stolen--never to be seen again. All I know is that it was black and simple.
Inside was a Family Tree. 
Having been unsuccessful to ever locate it, to us it's become all but forgotten. 
Nonetheless, it isn't something we've given-up on locating. 

My question: Does anyone know of any places to search for such an item? I've looked for record of it selling on e-Bay and Worthpoint, have Googled it, and I find nothing. 

I'm new here, so if I put this in the wrong place.... I'm sorry. 

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One idea you might want to consider is to make it easier for whoever has it or acquires it to find you. Start a blog and add the family surnames mentioned in the Bible. That way, someone Googling on those names can find you. You can start a blog fairly easy by using Blogger or another blog platform. 

Have you tried antique bookstores???  One never knows where it good end up.


Thank you both. :)

Yes--there is a new web site here in NC--Just a joy--look them up they sell stuff like this and it is free to sign up---patricia

Patricia, I am in NC, and what is the link to the website?  Thank you

Also, have you thought of writing the local newspaper to ask for help.   Submit a letter to the editor, or take out a small classified add.



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