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I have recently been taking the "Social Media Tools for the Wise Genealogist" and am very excited about how much I have learned.  The course nudged me into a new comfort zone.  My next step is to research methods to post my rather large One-Name Study IBBOTSON on the web.  Does anyone have suggestions? 

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Personally I would create a website you could use Wordpress, Weebly, neither of which requires programming knowledge, and they both have a free version that would fit your needs, and then that way its also searchable with Google. If anyone wants to see your research you can refer them to the website. Another option is that if you use Rootsmagic they have a feature that lets you publish your tree online.

If you have a one-name study, are you a member of the Guild of One-name Studies? They will host members' websites, give you a url and also preserve your website if something happens to you. I suppose the 'drawback', if there is one, is you'd need to adher to the GoONS membership guidelines. Like Amber says, you'd still need to create your website using another programme (lots of the GoONS member websites are made using "The Next Generation").



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