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Clan Donald Group - Descendents of MacDonald/McDonald/Donald/Donaldson/etc

Surprisingly enough, I didn't see a Clan Donald group around, so I decided to make one.

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Hello Ryan,
I have just join Genealogy Wise and my first look discovered your discussion. My paternal grandmother was a McDonald which is one of the names I am researching, I have her parents names but other than that dont know much else about them.
This makes me feel like I have made the right chioce in joining and will surely find something I am looking for.
Cheers Kathleen
Hello Kathleen,

I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. Probably not directly on this website, but from the people you'll meet possibly. Hopefully anyway.

Good luck with your search, and if you need any help or a second opinion, feel free to ask.

For 300 years tradition, my family has always been Williams. Now that I have had a YDNA , I am a MacDonald ,, MacNeil and Buie of Barra and Jura.

The name R1b Black subgroup was allocated by the administrators of the Clan Donald DNA project as a means to identify a distinct genetic lineage and has no other significance. Members of the group can also be found in the Barra R1b1 group of the MacNeil DNA project who are also genetic kin.

I just wanted to say hello to a family I never knew.




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