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Does anyone know the best way to request a grave marker for a Civil War Union Soldier? My grandfather was in the Union army and I would like to find out if you can get a marker for a civil war soldier and who you might contact.


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I do,because I got one for my husband's great grandfather last year,it was paid for by the government,and shipping is free.And they are beautiful headstones.Our ancestor had been dead for 100 years,but we laid his headstone,and gave him a full fledged funeral,it was so beautiful.Our ancestor also fought for the Union.
Ann Hood
Thanks Shirley. Which regiment did your ancestor fight in? My great grandfather was in Co. E., 3rd regiment of the Tennessee Infantry.
Go to the this website for the US Department of Veterans Affairs
Thank you!
Before you order the marker you need to talk with management of the cemetery. You will need to get permission from them and make sure they don't have any specific guidelines they want you to follow.

The VA tablet (upright) markers weigh about 250 pounds. The stone will be delivered to you unless you make prior arrangements with a local monument company. If you have it delivered to you directly you will need to make sure you have the manpower to safely move the marker.

If you decide to install the marker yourself do not set it in wet concrete. If you get a flat marker a concrete footer is fine as long as you do not set the marker until the concrete is completely dried. There are instructions online that say to set upright stones in concrete. Do not ever do this. The concrete is stronger than the stone and can cause long term damage. The best way to set it is to dig a hole to the desired dimensions, set the stone into the hole and fill it to about three or four inches from the top with a 50/50 mixture of pea gravel and sand. Pack it down as well as you can and fill the rest with dirt and pack it down as well. This allows some give around the stone if someone or someone's mower bumps into it whereas the same stone in concrete will snap at or near the concrete line if a mower hits it (and mowers hit headstones all the time).
I would also try your local VFW post or American Legion Post. I also was able to get help from the Local post of the Sons of Union Vetrans. I ordered it, had my father fill out the paper work and it went to the cematary Fairmont in Denver and The Sons of Union Vetrans paid for the placement. This was about 20 years ago. It was great to see it.
This is very helpful information. But I have one other question for all of you who have been so nice to provide this background on Civil War soldier grave markers. Are these markers provided only if there is no other marker on the grave? Or can it be added? Thanks for the information.
Are you looking for the G.A.R. marker? Contact the local branch for that area. They maybe able to help you.





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