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I would be interested in hear from any researchers with connection to Robert Churchill and Mary Ann Hoare, they married in 1851and had 11 children, several of them made the journey across too Jackson, Michigan.

Samuel born 1854, (my connection) stayed in the UK.
Daniel born 1855, Married Jane Woodland, had 3 children in Michigan Grace, Lillian and Clyde.
Ann born 1857 ?
John born 1860, married Arilla Mary Dewey in 1889 at Hastings, Michigan and had 3 children Anna, Samuel and Roy.
William born 1862, married Louise Sayer 1909 in Jackson.
Elizabeth born 1864, married James Boon 1892 in Blackman, Jackson and had 3 children Bernice, Daisey and Amy.
Jane born 1866, married James Davey in 1890 Jackson and had 4 children Annie, May, Ruth and Olive.
Ishmael born 1868, married Cecilla Parsons in 1897 Jackson and had 3 children Kate May, Violet and Sylvia Florence.
Robert born 1871 married Louise Ptifzer in 1907 Jackson and had 5 children Robert, Alice, Robert, Louise and Edward.
George born 1873 ??
Frank born 1876 married Lucy Sparks and stayed in Somerset, UK

I already found a lot of information and have made contact with several others regarding these people, if you have a connection, please get in touch ...

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