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I just purchased the upgrade to the "Freebie" Legacy 7.4 and I need some help with descendant "wall paper-type" charting.  Problem: Some of the second marriages show up first; e.g., a box will show Joe Blow and connect to spouse (2) then to spouse (1) with children [correctly] listed under spouse (1).  Without another report to reference, it appears then that Joe first married spouse 2 and then married spouse 1 but chronologically, the reverse was true.  I can move the boxes around, but that gets pretty labor intensive with and 8 ft chart. :^)    I have reversed the MRINs but that does nothing.  This only happens about 30% of the time.  Suggestions anyone?
TIA.....Ed S in Fairview, TX

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With Legacy open in the Family view, click on the spouse icon, then correct the order of the marriages using the arrows in bottom right if the box.

Best wishes Chris.
Also, in charting, click on the icons with the charts that have some boxes in red. You can move a person and everyone else behind them, so switching two spouses shouldn't be labor intensive.
Thanks Chris and Patricia. I did what Chris suggested (several spouses were, in fact, in the wrong order) however, it didn't fix the "wallpaper" charting problem. I studied those durn charts almost forever and it FINALLY dawned on this foggy ol' brain that the program was utilizing the spouses' first (given) names and listing/drawing the boxes alphabetically....left to right. I put a (1. ) in front of the first spouse's given name and a (2. ) in front of the given name for the second spouse, etc and the charting program works perfect! Of course it shows the number assigned (a "I" or a "2") in the charting "box" for each (multiple) spouse but that's OK by me......actually makes it clear which marriage occurred first,etc. I would not be surprised that if I had the marriage dates for all my entries, the wallpaper charting program would have used those dates....but I don't know that + there are quite a few marriage dates I will never have (nor do I care much). :^) Thanks again........Ed S.





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