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I was wondering how others store and use Christmas cards, birthday cards etc.  I've been going through mine and scanning them into the pc.  I was thinking it makes sense to add cards received for a new baby birth etc. to the persons birth media.  But I'm not sure how well it would work to make birthday facts or Christmas facts for each year of the family...

I'd love to hear how everyone else keeps track of these things and work them into your family history data.  I guess the same would apply to newspaper articles of people for events other then BMD.


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I made a scrapbook of cards that I have received through the years from Family, and some friends. I use a product called Archival Mist, you can find it at Joann's or any craft store in the scrap booking section. I also use it on letters that I have gotten from my grandparents

Oh interesting, I haven't seen archival mist before.  I'm a few hours from any craft stores, but I'll have a look next time I'm there.



I have rescued some cards ...usually those with messages written inside.  Though I don't use them to document events, I think the messages reveal a lot about relationships between and among family members and about the personalities of those who sent them.



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