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William Carder   1739-1801



William Carder was born in Culpepper County, Virginia, and died in Ross county Ohio (Northwest Territory). His wife Sarah, survived him. His early residence in Culpepper County, Virginia, is substantiated by the fact that his son, Sanford Carder, stated in his Revolutionary War Pension Application that he was born Sept 16, 1760 in Culpepper County, Virginia.


In1777 William Carder had land surveyed for him in Hampshire Coiunty, and moved there about that time, living probably near the present town of Three churches, about 6 miles northeast of Romney. He is recorded in the Hampshire County personal property tax lists each year from 1782 through 1795. The 1780 and 1782 lists show 9 free whites and no blacks in his household. In 1790 he acquired 382 acres of land at Meadow Run Hampshire County (Sim’s Index, p. 176). In 1791 he sold much of his livestock, personal property and crops to his ________, Abbot Carder, for 100 pounds. In April 1792 he sold land in Hampshire County to William Hill of Culpepper County for 41 pounds.


William Carder subsequently moved to Ross County, Ohio, where he made his will, dated 9 June 1801, and probated 22 Sep 1801. He bequeathed 5 shillings each to his sons Sanford, William Abbot and George, also the same amount to each of his three daughters, Rachael Cooper, Lucy Bray, and Fanny Smith; his wife Sarah to have the rest of the estate to dispose of at her pleasure.


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I'm so glad that you joined my group.  Hopefully someone will join the group who will be able to link all of our Carders together.  Having the group gives other Carder descendants one more place to find us.

Thanks for offering.....I am putting the general information that I have found on here....The handwritten notes have so much extra printed in that I just scanned it the way it is.



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Thanks...I didnt either...LOL greenhorn here.

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