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I am Related to Willie Idell Brazell born Dec 1873-1875 in Mississippi and she had a daughter Name Lavada Brazell born April 1895 in Mississippi)unknown Father

Willie Idell Brazell  Parents are 

Henry Brazell born Oct 1820 in Alabama(Father

Mariah Brazell born 1823 in Alabama(Mother)I am the GreatGrand Daughter(Arline)

Bob Brazell born 1821 in Alabama(Henry Brother

Willie  Idell Sister are

L.A.Brazell 1853

Malinda Brazell born 1864 -1935 in Memphis Shelby,Tennessee

N.J.Brazell 1866

Mary M.Brazell born 1870

Now Willie Idell Brazell (Uncle Bob Brazell)married a lady name 

Sallie Burke born 1828 in Mississippi)3 Sons and 5 Daughter

Robert Brassell Jr August 1849 in Mississippi

Sterling Brassell 1853(Son

Cherry Brazzell Rockett born Jan 1855 in Mississippi(Daughter

Harriet Brassell born 1857 in Mississippi(Daughter

Phil Brassell born 1859 in Mississippi(Son

Alice Brassell born 1861 in Mississippi(Daughter

Jody Brassell born 1863 in Mississippi(Daughter

Lew Brassell born 1868 in Mississippi(Daughter

George Braswell born 1870(Son

Williw Idell Brazell married Columbus Christopher Hines

Here are some of their kids

Leland Hines 1913(Son

Lee An Hines 1912 Daughter

Idell Hines 1915(Daughter

Thelma Hines 1917(Daughter

Thelma Rae White Avant 1928(GrandDAughter

Clifton Hanes 1889(Son

Farnk Hanes 1902(Son

Ethel Hanes 1904(Daughter

Columbus Hanes 1905(Son

Reola Hanes 1909-Nov 21,2007(Daughter

If you no any of  these (Siblings)Please REACH OUT

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