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I am looking to obtain the birth certificate of Jose Ramon Vega Vega, born in Orense province.  He relocated to Cuba late 1880's.  That is the only information I have. 


I understand any birth records prior to 1871 are kept at the church where the birth was registered.


Any suggestions as to how I can go about getting this?

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I would start by writing the local Diocese and asking them if they have records for that individual, and how much it would cost to get copies and what forms of payment they accept. You will want to include a self-addressed envelope and some sort of payment for postage for the envelope, unless you are in the same country as the Diocese, then just add stamps to it. You don't say but I assume Orense Province is in Northern Spain.
Thanks! All I kow is that Orense is a Galician province. I don't have the city name in Orense he was born in. This is like looking for a needle in a haystack.





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