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Bernardino Palacios - Who is he?

My grandmother, Agnes is the daughter of Bernardino and Cecelia Campbell, or is it McSwegan? Agnes has 2 brothers, John and Joseph, and a sister, Evelyn. When Cecelia died Bernardino skipped town never to be heard from again. Agnes, John and Joseph were placed in an orphanage in Philadelphia, and eventually placed in various foster homes. We understand that Evelyn was adopted - where or when is unknown. Does anyone know how to access Philadelphia, most likely Catholic, adoption records from the 1880's?

Beside Cecelia we understand that Bernardino was also married to Mary Barney, Sarah ? and who knows who else he was involved with after he abandoned his children.

I am looking forward to obtaining and sharing information about this mysterious relative of my past.

Frank Preston 

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Hi Frank -

Any dates for Agnes? Or Cecelia? I'm assuming since Agnes, John and Joseph were in Philadelphia orphanages that they were born in Philadelphia. I see a BP Palacios on the 1870 census in Philadelphia and he appears to be married to a Mary - but relationships aren't stated on that census and that year's census in Philadelphia is not a particularly dependable record, and 2 enumerations were done. Let me know if you have further details on any of the people you are curious about, please let me know, and I will do what I can.

From what I have found so far, it appears that a Bernard/Bernardo had married a Mary in Maine in the 1850s, I see him possibly married to a 'Sarah' in 1870 Philadelphia, and then I find him listed as father to John Palacios who died in 1900 in Philadelphia, age 20, mother was listed as Cecelia who may be the Cecelia Palacios who died in Philadelphia in 1894.

I found an Agnes Palacios on the 1900 census, listed as the daughter of Hugh O'Donnell, she was born in PA, mother born in Ireland, father born in Spain. The record doesn't indicate that she was adopted. She was born in 1883. 

A note on my other reply - Bernard was married to Sarah on the 1880 census, with a young daughter Eva.



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