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I am able to do look-ups for convict related informtion, mostly NSW.

I have copies of
  1. Lesley Uebel's Convict Anthology
  2. The  Mechant's Women  (Elizabeth Rushden)- story of the Bussorah Merchant passengers
  3. The Boxbourbury and the Emu (Elizabeth Hook) - story of 2 convict transports and passengers
  4. Catholics in Early Sydney
  5. Barefoot and pregnant - anthology of Irish famine orphans.
  6. The Convicts and Exiles transported from Ireland  1791 to 1820 (James Donoghue)
  7. 1828 census
  8. Pioneer Registers for Parramatta, Maitland, Minmi, Cessnock, Brisbane Waters,  and the Hunter Valley
  9. Cemetery registers for Mays Hill, Old and New Wallsend, Minmi, Stockton and Maitland
  10. Notorious Strumpets : lists of women transported to Tasmania

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Hi Rosie,
It is very generous of you to do this for people, I wonder if you can help me?

My relative is Jesse Higgins. He served life for stealing sheep in 1834. He traveled on the Lloyds ship in 1837 dep Mar 1837 and arriving in New South Wales in July 1837. I am interested in finding anything I can out about him. Do you think he will be in Lesley Uebel's Convict Anthology ? Let me know if you need anything more.

Jesse Higgins was sentenced to life at the Kent Assizes on 28th June 1836, and sailed for NSW 25th March 1837 on the Lloyd.

He was granted a Ticket of leave and allowed to remain in the district of Patrick's Plains (now Singleton).

He was given a conditional pardon 15 March 1852 and a notice appeared in The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser on Saturday 12 June 1852 announcing it. A conditional pardon did NOT allow him to return to England.

You can buy copies of theses documents online -

In 1854 he was charge with stealing and appeared before the magistrates in Maitland- but the charge was dismissed for lack of evidence, which you can read about online
In May 1855 he is listed as acontributor to the Patriotic Fund (he gave 10 shillings)

I can not find a marriage or a death record for him in NSW, nor can I find any children born in NSW with Jesse Higgins as father.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Rosie that is very helpful. Now I will try and search out a death record, perhaps he left NSW?

Thanks again this is great!

Hi Rosie
I'm trying to work out if the Elijah Ealden who married my great great great grandmother, Rosanna/Rosina Lynch was really James Ealden a convict who arrived in Victoria (NSW) in 1831 aboard "Lady Harewood".
I have index entries for James - ticket of leave, conditional pardon, he appears in the registers for the Hulk "Retribution" in Woolwich and was transported there from Maidstone, and left there to go to NSW. He's in the 1841 census in Parramatta.
Elijah Ealden doesnt seem to appear anywhere except in Melbourne in November 1840, marrying Rosannah Lynch who had arrived on "Himalaya" (recorded as Rosanna) in September 1840, a Bounty Passenger 20/21 years old.
When she remarried, she was Rosina Ealden formerly Lynch, a widow and gave the date of her first husband's death as 10 July 1857. She married James Hammond in Collins St Melbourne on 13 March 1858 and recorded having one child from her previous marriage. At her death she is recorded as having had 2 marriages and a child from each marriage - Marion aged 38 and Rosina aged 30. On Rosina Hammond's birth cert she is Rosina Hammond nee Lynch. Her first husband on her death cert is recorded as John Phillips.
I can find no record anywhere of Elijah Ealden or Marion as Ealden, Lynch, Hammond or Phillips. I have found a birth entry for Mary J Lynch par James Lynch and Rosanna, in the right year for Marion to be 39 when her mother died.I havent yet purchased the certificate
Any help would be greatly appreciated - more background and my theories about this are here if you are interested.

The only Ealden on the Port Jackson Anthology is James who arrived in 1831 on the Lady Harewood (2), after being tried in  Maidstone in 1830, sentenced to Life, aged 41yrs. Other lists give the trial date more exactly as 15th July 1830.

He is on the register for the retribution hulk, at Woolwich.

James Ealden is on the 1841 census at Parramatta,

He was granted a conditional pardon, which was gazetted (in NSW)  September 1848

There is no record of James Ealden using and alias.

I can find no NSW BDM records for James Ealden using a variety of alternate spellings, but there is a death record for Elijah Eildon in Parramatta in 1892. There is the solitary marriage record for Elijah Ealden and Rosanna Lynch in C of E Melbourne in 1840.

Ealdon is an easy name to mis-spell, but I wasn't successful with any thing I tried.

You have obviously been very thorough in your research, and I'm sorry I have little to add.

Hi Rosie and thank you.  I have never found/seen the Elijah Eildon death record, so thats a new one on me... but it's in 1892 - there are so many fishy things about this - either as you say all the records are with different spelling or something else was up.  If Elijah Eildon is the same Elijah who married Rosanna, then he was still alive (and presumably still married to Rosanna/Rosina, when she married James Hammond... all very interesting.  Her name change is also interesting, as its not a pronunciation type of error, and she appears to be literate, and signing her own name on the certificates.  She came out here as Rosanna, married the first time as Rosanna, and then married the second time as Rosina, had a daughter called Rosina and died as Rosina.  I'll keep plugging away, if anyone else has anything to add - even a theory, I'd be glad to hear it.






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