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Rebecca Todd was born ca 1759 in Virginia, British Colonial America. Her mother was Hannah Todd (maiden name unknown), b. ca 1729 in Virginia, British Colonial America.  Rebecca Todd married Thomas Chapman, b. May, 1758 in Virginia, British Colonial America.  They were married in Caroline County, Va in 1774.  

Thomas Chapman served in the American Revolution in the 2nd Virginia Regiment from Hanover County, VA.  His parentage is unknown.

Sometime after the American Revolution, Thomas Chapman and Rebecca Todd Chapman moved to Newberry County, SC and joined the Dunker Church pastored by the Rev. Giles Chapman.  I have found no relationship of Thomas to Giles Chapman.  Later, Thomas and Rebecca moved to Lincoln County, Ky where one son, John Sanford Chapman, was born in 1784. They again moved to Warren County, Ky and became members of the Dunker Church in Warren County, Ky.  Thomas died in 1814 and Rebecca died in 1820 and were buried in the Chapman  Cemetery in unmarked graves, located along Drakes Creek.


Thomas Kraig Spivey

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