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I am seeking information regarding Agube Gudzow. He was well-known Ossetian circus horse rider of the beginning of XX century. He established many feats and some of them are still unique even for the modern performers. He performed in many countries earning unreserved admiration of audience. Later on he got blind and died in England (February 18, 1968 aged 88).

I am trying to find additional facts of his biography. Perhaps his name is mentioned in some publications. Wanted posters and programs and circus performances with his name. Кeally want to find his former neighbors, who can share memories of him. I want to know where he is buried, who buried him, takes care of anyone in his grave. I live in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, and I want to tell people of our country about the last years of life of our famous countryman.

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.

Marina Plieva

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Hi Marina


It may be worth contacting the National Fairground Archive whose contact details are at


You could also order a copy of Gudzow's death certificate from the General Register Office (GRO) at

I think someone on the Surrey Rootsweb list gave you the reference details.


Good luck



Dear Jill!


Many thanks for Your repply!


Do You think, the Gudzow's death certificate can help me? What way? Why can I find the grave of Agube?

And National Fairground Archive, ehat kind of information it have?


Best regards,


At least the death certificate will tell you his address and exactly where in Surrey he died. That may give you a clue to where he was buried. Unfortunately this part of England is heavily populated, so I expect there will be quite a few possible locations!


Do you know what religion he was?


Maybe it will be possible for you to check the local newspapers for an obituary too.

Dear Sean!

 Thank you very much for your reply!
 The fact is that it is problematic to get a death certificate for living in Russia, or to check the local newspapers for an obituary, while it is connected with the payment. And I can not do that for technical reasons.
I can only add that Agube was Orthodox. But not sure if it affects the place of burial.

Yours sincerely




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