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Is anyone else interested in Acadian / Cajun roots? My mother is a full-blooded Cajun, and I was born in Lafourche Parish, so I have been fascinated with my French-Acadian heritage. One of the best things about researching Acadian genealogy is that there are SO MANY resources! They took censuses in the 1600s, Nova Scotia has baptism, burial, and marriage records (with original images) from the first half of the 18th century in Port Royal, and there are even ship manifests that show the exiles and their destinations.

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Hello Burrow Digger,
My maternal line includes the (Jersey Channel Island) Luces etc. from the Shippagan area and you can find vintage postcards from Shippagan/Miscou, Bathurst and Caraquet on my site (
My major paternal lines are the Acadian Theriaults of Caraquet and the Acadian Legers of Moncton/Shediac N.B. plus Gallant Haches.
Evelyn Yvonne Theriault
My Great Great Grandmother was a Gerow, whose family came to New York from France in the 1700's and moved to Nrew Brunswick , Canada,



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