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I've been researching marriages and have found an abbreviation I am not sure of, e.g.

Summers, W. i. & Rebeka E. Browns 17 Jan 1855; J. W. Felts, bm.

I am thinking the "bm" stands for bondsman but am uncertain.

Clarification please.

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W means wife and Felts was the bondsman.
Thanks for the help with that!
I think "W" in that case (as in W. I.) is just initials and not an abbreviation, but agree that bm. is bondsman and often with marriages you will see an abbreviation "wit." which is witness.
I took this off the list in the Douglas Archives

B.M. - Bench Mark; British Museum
bndsmn. - bondsman

It does not answer the question, but...!

Yours aye,



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