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I just received my grandsons results from his DNA done at Sorensons. Sorensons does not tell you the Haplogroup or where it comes from etc. I was wondering if there was somewhere I could type in his results and could find out what it all means...Thank-you ahead of time for any help or info...
you can email me at:

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I suggest you try asking this question on the ISOGG DNA newbie list. You will need to join ISOGG first (it is completely free). You can find their website here. You can also try Whit Athey's haplogroup predictor. I'm not sure if you have to do any conversions with Sorenson results. You can find haplogroup resources on the World Families Network website. The large haplogroup projects are all at Family Tree DNA. Some have the facility to accept results from other testing companies.
Thank-you Debby for your reply...Ive tried submitting the results to ISOGG, no answer yet, I belong to Family Tree DNA, as that is where I had mine tested. I will try Whit Atheys haplogroup predictor and the World Families Network website. Once again, thank-you very much.



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